LTEOIL – pronounced “light oil”, is a clean energy technology company that licenses its process and technology to produce high-value graphene and teal hydrogen (Teal H2) powered by renewable electricity. LTEOIL’s eco-friendly units churn out ultra-pure graphene using minimal energy with low emissions, paving the way for a cleaner future and a booming market for this wonder material. Forget complicated, resource-hungry methods, LTEOIL’s scalable, low-cost units unlock mass production of pristine carbon nanosheets. 

Today, approximately 86% of the world’s energy demand is met by burning Hydrocarbons. The high energy demands of most carbon capture technologies raise concerns about whether they offer a net environmental benefit. By addressing critical pain points across the entire oil and gas value chain, LTEOIL paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in the midst of energy transition.

Upstream, LTEOIL’s modular units can convert waste associated gas into engineered carbon more valuable than the oil it is co-produced with. Midstream, the units can be easily deployed to produce carbon nanomaterials and hydrogen close to point of use, anywhere along the natural gas network. With the current value of graphene reported to generate $100-200/kg, LTEOIL’s engineered carbon solution provides significant incentive for operators meeting their emissions goals.

Graphene (USD)

Just $3.00 (60kwh) electricity converts $3.00 (1,000 cubic feet of natural gas) to 5kg of carbon nanosheets, worth an estimated floor price of $300.