Charles Martens, CEO
Founder and proven entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of developing, branding, marketing and protecting technology. Charles is a technologist and integral thinker with innate understanding of systems processes. 
David O’Halloran, COO
Experienced senior financial professional possessing both analytical and business problem solving skills with a track record in complex investment. David has operating and governance experience having served in multiple business leadership roles, in addition to serving as a director on several company boards.
Roland Stanich, Chief Intelligence Officer
Roland has worked with LTEOIL since its inception, helping to bridge the business and scientific aspects of the company, so to effectively communicate the scientific progress and potential with precision in a business context.
John Harris, VP Commercial Initiatives
Built and led high-performing sales teams across Europe, achieving consistent revenue growth and crushing targets. Achieved significant revenue growth in multiple roles, driving expansion and exceeding expectations. Proven ability to restructure, align verticals, and optimize performance for diverse clientele in multiple industries.
Alejandro Betancour, Chief Information Officer
Alejandro has more than a decade of experience in the fields of Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Cloud Administrator, System Administrator and Software Engineering. With his skills, he had been providing governments, private and public sectors with security and IT solutions
Dr. Howard Jemison, CTO
PhD Chemical Engineer, Texas A&M University graduate and a leading expert in hydrocarbon processing, computer simulation and applying plasma methods to transform hydrocarbons into valuable products.
Dr. Kunpeng Wang, VP Technology
PhD Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University, leading in non-equilibrium plasma physics with multiple patents and science journal articles published.
Dr. David Staack, Vice Chancellor for R&D, Texas A&M University
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at Texas A&M University. His research focuses on electron beams and plasmas with applications in many high tech industries.