LTEOIL: Technology for the Energy Transition

LTEOIL has successfully pilot-tested an innovative process for transforming associated natural gas into valuable solid carbon and inexpensive hydrogen, with Net Zero Emissions (NZE). This breakthrough achieves four pressing environmental goals simultaneously: dramatically reduce GHG from energy production, produce inexpensive hydrogen NZE, permanently sequester carbon as a solid rather than emitting it as a GHG, and create a valuable carbon product with many uses, including as a component of the energy transition.

Currently, associated gas is flared—as a lesser evil to venting—as a waste stream, an uneconomical co-product of oil production. The LTEOIL process monetizes the carbon in associated gas as a product that is estimated to be more valuable by far than the oil it is co-produced with, providing significant financial incentive to end routine flaring in the near term. LTEOIL is currently building its field demonstration unit—with no foreseen obstacles to scale—to prove a technology for rapid and widespread adoption wherever associated gas is currently flared.